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Technology Transforming Tradition

The science of equine biokinetics combined with advanced ergonomic engineering and tested by some of the world’s most successful equestrians. In short: technology transforming tradition into a truly unique line of products scientifically designed from the inside out to unite comfort, style and performance in a whole new way.

Other T3 Saddle Pads from Toklat

Whichever one you choose, both the T3 Classics III and T3 Clarion saddle pads will deliver state-of-the-art impact protection, pressure relief and moisture management. Designed to meet the demands of competitive equestrians at every level, each model has a rugged polycotton top and a breathable/wickable batting that washes easily and dries quickly. T3 Saddle Pads from Toklat: designed and engineered for superior performance, and proudly made in the USA.

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Classics III Saddle Pads

A diamond quilt saddle pad with a breathable batting, the T3 Classics III comes in a variety of piping and binding choices.

Clarion Saddle Pads product image

Clarion Saddle Pads

With its 1" square quilt and slightly denser batting, the T3 Clarion saddle pad lies flatter and has the more substantial feel preferred by dressage riders.