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Ergonomically designed. Technologically advanced. Science uniting horse and rider.

Matrix T3 Saddle Pads combine advanced technology and ergonomic design principles to create a dynamic harmony between horse and rider. The result: unparalleled freedom of movement for the horse and a balanced, stable seat for the rider.

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Pressure Relief

Saddle pressure inhibits the ability of the horse’s back muscles to flex, expand and build, thus detracting from performance. The engineered design and construction of T3 Saddle Pads provides cushioning between the saddle and the animal’s back, moderating and more evenly distributing that pressure.

Ergonomic Design

The Matrix T3 Ergonomic Half Pad cushions the shoulder muscles without hindering their function. This ergonomic design is maintained in every type of Matrix Saddle Pad.

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Impact Protection

The limited protection afforded by traditional saddle pads against the jarring impacts of competitive riding can come at the cost of compromising mobility and performance. The Bio-kinetic Inserts designed for T3 Saddle Pads efficiently absorb concussion while encouraging optimal muscle function.

Types of Pads

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Half Pads
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Competition Pads
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Shaped Pads
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Endurance Pads