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Impact Protection

T3 Saddle Pads use Biokinetic Inserts with the most advanced technology for superior Impact Protection and minimal interference.

When a horse is working under saddle, the back muscles are vulnerable to the continuous impact of the saddle and rider. The concussion of the impact generates energy that the unprotected muscles have to absorb, leading to tissue damage and overall muscular deterioration.

Materials that offer padding but don’t actually absorb that energy from impact may provide some pressure relief but still fail to protect the muscles from concussion. The impact protection offered by traditional foams and gels is often negated by weight, hardness and heat retention.

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For athletic performance and intense schooling

The ultra-light, ultra-thin layer of high density Poron® XRD™ provides superior concussion protection by absorbing 90% of the shock from impact. Perforated for breathability and treated with Microban® for antimicrobial protection.

Poron® XRD™ is high performance open-cell foam that absorbs most of the energy not only from the impact of saddle on horse’s back, but also from the rider on the saddle. Poron® XRD™ protects the horse from impact and it minimizes the energy bounce back that a rider experiences when landing in the saddle, allowing for a more secure seat.

  • Half Pads, Competition Pads, Shaped Pads – 5mm Pro-Impact
  • Endurance – 13mm Pro-Impact
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For general riding and schooling // Low-impact training

Especially beneficial for horses that are in a conditioning program. Also recommended for horses with back issues. This low density visoelastic (VE) foam mimics the density of muscle tissue, offering a wide supportive base without restricting or inhibiting muscle movement. Allows for expansion of soft tissue required to condition and build muscle, therefore creating an environment for optimal muscle conditioning.

Because of its thickness, Lo-Impact does not dissipate heat as rapidly as the Pro-Impact; its use is confined to low impact riding where its cushioning properties are most important.

  • Lo-Impact – 25mm
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For general riding and schooling // Riders who need back support

Especially beneficial for stabilizing the saddle and compensating for horse conformation problems. A layer of ultra-light high density Poron® XRD™ minimizes concussion; medium density visoelastic (VE) foam offers stabilizing support for both saddle and rider.

Poron® XRD™ with Microban® is high performance open-cell foam that absorbs 90% of the energy from the impact from the saddle on the horse’s back as well as minimizing the energy bounce back that a rider experiences landing in the saddle, allowing for a more secure seat. VE foam offers maximum cushioning protection without restricting range of motion.

  • Ortho-Impact – 5mm Poron XRD + 12mm medium density Viscoelastic = 17mm (approx. 3/4")
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A streamlined version of the Pro-Impact // Absorbs and controls kinetic energy

The Hex Pro-Impact is built into the pad, so there are no inserts to remove or manage. The perfect system for the rider who wants the concussion protection of the Pro-Impact but wants to keep things simple.

Poron® Hex XRD™ is more than twice the density of the standard Pro-Impact, significantly improving the ultra-thin, ultra-light concussion protection. Strategically placed at points where the saddle concentrates pressure, the Hex absorbs and controls kinetic energy to diminish vibration, reduce fatigue, and enhance stability for the rider. The hex shape creates air channels for added breathability and heat dispersal. Poron Hex XRD™ is machine washable.